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Urban Design of Gadeokdo Island, Busan, Korea

About the project: The design aims to make the island a central focus of the immediate region with development starting on the mainland as a downtown city and park to its north which displace the existing industrial use and spreading south to the island giving visual continuity. A new Maritime city to the north of the island is arranged around a bay with buildings providing a marker seen from the mainland with a central zone in the city allowing integration of old and new. A grand marina occupies east area between mainland and island and uses the sea frontage to provide a major attraction to boats, ships etc, with a sailing school and marine academy. To the west of marina the new port is developed with a port business park intended to provide industrial building and port business back up and port authority HQ. A marina canal and resort to the southern tip of island contains a new canal to allow passage for boats around the island without having to go around the proposed new airport to the south-east of island, and also allows further tourism development.

  • Client: Busan Metropolitan City
  • Projected Value:
  • Date of completion: Ideas Competition
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